• Summer School begins Monday, June 8th 

    Rudyard High School's Summer School starts Monday, June 8th at 8 AM sharp and will run until 12:00 PM. Parents interested in enrolling their high school child should contact the High School office at 906-478-3471.

    Summer School will be available to students currently in grades 9-12. We will offer classes in all core areas taught by highly qualified teachers. The rules for attendance and classroom behavior will be more demanding than during the regular school year, based on the fact that summer school is shorter in duration, and there isn't any allowance for wasted time dealing with students who can't behave themselves.
    There is no RTC room or Principal's office available for students who misbehave. If students can't follow the rules of the teacher, there will be zero tolerance for any disciplinary problems, therefore, your child gives up their chance to "recover credit" which they need for graduation. The importance of doing well in summer school to earn back some lost credit should be discussed between parents and students.
    The following rules are in effect for summer school which runs Monday, June8th - Thursday, July 16th, Monday through Thursday. 
    Absences: students are allowed only one (1) absence for the entire time summer school is in session. If something occurs that is out of the control of the student causing them to miss class, it will be up to the discretion of the teachers to allow them to continue.
    Tardiness: Students are allowed only two (2) times being tardy. If they have any more than that, they will be removed from summer school. A tardy is defined as the student not being in the classroom by 8:00 AM for the first session or 10:00 AM for the second session.
    Discipline Issues/Misbehavior: as stated previously, there is zero tolerance for students who cannot behave in class.
    High School classes are for credit recovery. It is up to the discretion of the teacher which students will "recover credit" based ono their performance in class.
    Free breakfast is provided each day through a federal grant beginning at 7:45 AM and lunch is provided 11:45 to 12:30. Students need to bus their own tray and behave themselves or they will not be allowed to eat.
    There will be a bus picking up students from the Rec Center in Kincheloe at 7:30 AM and returning to the Rec Center at approximately 12:35 PM for students. Summer School transportation is a privilege and will be handled accor
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